Friday, November 13, 2009

IEEE EMCs Lecture - An Overview of Chip Level EMC Problems

Sun UltraSPARC II Microprocessor

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Join the Orange County IEEE EMC Society chapter in December, when Dr. Sergiu Radu, Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems, will present “An Overview of Chip Level EMC Problems”

The CPUs and the VLSI chips are the primary sources of electromagnetic noise in all electronic equipment. Reducing the electromagnetic noise at source level is usually the best and the most economical solution. The presentation discusses typical interference mechanisms associated with CPU/VLSI, as well as mitigation methods at die-level and package level. Among the aspects discussed are some power distribution issues, on-die decoupling, package capacitors, routing aspects, the impact of back-bias and forward-bias, and the impact of die-shrinks on the EMI performance of the VLSI chips.

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