Monday, November 9, 2009

> 1GHz testing for Japan

Japan Street Signs

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It’s known for several months now, that the European Union has deferred implementation of EN55022:2006 +A1:2007 until October 2011.  But what about others that implement CISPR standards for EMC

EN55022 is the emissions specification for Information Technology Equipment, or ITE. It is a derivative if CISPR22. The A1:2007 amendment adds the requirement for testing from 1GHz to 18GHz, depending on the operating frequency of the product under test.

However, in Japan, the current Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment (VCCI Council) rules call for mandatory compliance with the CISPR 1GHz to 18GHz test band by October 2010. The news here is that, so that Japan can be harmonized with Europe and other countries, It has been presented at a meeting in London, that the intent of the VCCI is to defer the 1-18 GHz requirements until October 2011.


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