Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FCC publishes rules on use of new measurement standard for Part 15 devices; it’s official.

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The FCC released today, Public Notice DA 09-2478, clarifying the use of ANSI measurement standards for Part 15 devices.

For many years now ANSI C63.4 has been the measurement standard for Part 15 devices, covering both unintentional and intentional radiators. This is now changing.

If you’ve been following the EMC and Regulatory Compliance blog, you may recall the post made on September 15th regarding the publication of the new ANSI C63.10-2009 measurement standard for unlicensed wireless devices. Not to over simplify the process, but that publication was only the first part, of a two part process required to make it official; the FCC would need to publish the new standard in the rules and allow its use.

Public Notice DA 09-2478 provides for the following;

For unintentional radiators, subject to Part15.31(a)(3), you may use either ANSI C63.4 2003, or 2009.

For intentional radiators subject to Part 15.31(a)(3), measurements may be made using ANSI C63.4 2003 or 2009, or, the new ANSI C63.10 2009 standard.

In any event, the standard employed must be identified consistent with 47 C.F.R. § 2.947 (b).

This step now allows the faster pace, rapidly evolving world of wireless devices to be treated individually with respect to testing, and not lumped together with the simpler unintentional radiators. The new rules give clearer guidance on how to test specific types of radio devices, and this also lays the groundwork with respect to testing future developments in wireless technology.

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