Friday, September 25, 2009

FCC Seeks focused comment on the sufficiency of current spectrum allocations

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From DA 09-2100, Sept 23, 2009;

“ In this public notice, we seek focused comment on the sufficiency of current spectrum allocations in spectrum bands, including but not limited to the prime spectrum bands below 3.7 GHz, for purposes of the Commission’s development of a National Broadband Plan (Plan) pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act), and for related purposes.”

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For information on FCC certification, or to file an equipment authorization grant, please visit our domestic certification page.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ANSI standard published for testing unlicensed wireless devices.


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From the IEEE Web store;

C63.10-2009 American National Standard for Testing Unlicensed Wireless Devices

This standard is intended to cover procedures for testing the compliance of a wide variety of unlicensed wireless devices (also called unlicensed intentional radiators) including but not limited to: remote control and security unlicensed wireless devices, frequency hopping and direct sequence spread spectrum devices, anti-pilferage devices, cordless telephones, wireless medical unlicensed wireless devices, Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure devices, intrusion detectors, unlicensed wireless devices operating on frequencies below 30 MHz, automatic vehicle identification systems, and other unlicensed wireless devices authorized by a radio regulatory authority. The test procedures for new technology wireless devices will be added to future editions of this standard as soon as practical after consensus is achieved for compliance testing methods of the new devices. However, this standard excludes test procedures for unlicensed wireless devices already covered in other published standards, e.g., Unlicensed Personal Communication Services (UPCS) devices.

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