Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"update" FCC Proposing significant changes

This is an update to a previous posting regarding an FCC NPRM proposing several changes to the rules governing authorization of radio frequency equipment.
See previous post  FCC Proposing significant changes

"the deadlines for filing comments and reply comments in the above captioned proceedings ARE EXTENDED to October 9, 2015 and November 9, 2015."


Thursday, August 20, 2015

FCC to be "off-line" early September through Labor Day

The FCC has scheduled an IT infrastructure upgrade starting 6 pm EDT September 2nd, 2015 and running through 8 AM EDT September 8th, 2015.

The result of this upgrade will take most of the Commission's resources off-line. Among the resources that will be unavailable are all electronic filing systems; including the Certification Body (TCB) site used for issuing grants and the Knowledge Database (KDB) system used to provide testing and certification guidance to labs and TCBs.

The FCC web site will be available but with limited content and search capabilities. FCC telephones will work but voicemail systems will not, and most FCC staff will not have access to email.

Public Notice DA 15-940

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Valuable opportunity for Project managers and Compliance Engineers


Whenever I come across something that could benefit my community i'm compelled to share it.

A new Grassroots Movement has begun on the U.S. west coast to quote "Empower Project Managers and Compliance Engineers with knowledge and tools to guide your company and your team to achieve EMC product compliance, and fix EMC problems minimizing project cost and schedule impact!"

Beginning in September, 2015, EMCmini launches with a series of informative events. This "traveling road show" brings together industry experts and equipment manufacturers to give you the tools and information you need to stay ahead of the competition.

And now for a little "Name-dropping" ;) , some of the prominent speakers involved include;

Make sure to register for this event at least a week ahead!