Friday, May 27, 2011

Do you mind turning off your RF device please?

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According to a Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) report issued May 6, 2011, “waiting for high level scientific and clinical proof that electromagnetic fields emanating from high frequency sources such as radar, telecommunications and mobile phones may lead to very high health and economic costs”.
PACE will be meeting in Kyiv on May 27th, and hold a debate, and intends to adopt a resolution on the issues raised in the report.
The report invokes heath concerns, in particular using examples of asbestos, lead, and tobacco, as mistakes made in the past when dealing with unknown health risks. The report also likens the potential consequences on the environment by electromagnetic fields with licensing of medication, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and genetically modified organisms.
The report recommends that an “as low as reasonably achievable” approach be adopted when setting standards or threshold values for emissions of electromagnetic fields of all types and frequencies. The report urges that particular attention should be given to protecting children, and “electrosensitive” persons suffering from a syndrome of intolerance to EM fields with a call to protect them from the unknown effects of electromagnetic waves by the creation of “Wave-free” areas not covered by wireless networks.
Mobile phones, DECT phones, WiFi, WLAN and WIMAX come under focus in the reports, with the call for microwave long-term exposure thresholds of not to exceed 0.6 v/m and in the medium term reduced to 0.2 v/m. The report also makes recommendations to; undertake risk-assessments prior to licensing new types of devices, calls for additional labeling and indications of health risks, produce warnings and recommendations to use a wired alternative due to the “unknown” dangers of electromagnetic fields..
The report proposes the ban of all mobile phones and wireless networking devices from schools and classrooms.


US Mexico MRA

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A new US-Mexico Telecom MRA was signed May 26th 2011, indicated in a press release from the United States Trade Representative.

The agreement is for the recognition of testing laboratories and acceptance of test reports. Mexico will only recognize 3rd party labs. The agreement does not cover recognition of certification bodies. The agreement includes a transition period. Seven accepted  technical regulations (NOMS) are listed in Annex I of the MRA text.