Thursday, February 21, 2019

Electronic Device Retailers FCC Issues Warning

February 15, 2019, the Federal Communication Commission issued an enforcement advisory warning electronic device retailers, yes, those selling devices not just making them, of potential fines if devices are in violation of the applicable FCC authorization requirements. Fines could total more than $150,000 per violation.

This is of significant importance as many retailers and distributors assume that the device manufacturer shoulders the burden for regulatory compliance, and accepts that if a product manufacturer claims compliance then that is all that is required, often retailers and distributors are unaware of the authorization requirements but this advisory opens the door for retailers and distributors to face penalties if the products are not in compliance with the required FCC authorization methods found under part 15 of Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations.

Specifically, this advisory is addressing those products that fall under the "Suppliers Declaration of Conformity" or SDoC authorization rules. A non-exhaustive list of examples of the types of products covered can be found in C.F.R. 47 §15.101(a) and §18.203.

For a basic guide and to understand what the SDoC authorization encompasses, please visit


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