Friday, October 19, 2012

Update to Radio Equipment Rules proposed by European Commission

Outside the Berlaymont building of the Europea...
Outside the Berlaymont building of the European Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to update the Radio Equipment Directive. The proposal has three main goals;
  1. To Strengthen the level of Compliance with the Directive
  2. To Clarify the Directive
  3. To Simplify the Directive
Market surveillance will be a big part of the primary objective to strengthen the level of compliance. The new requirements will clearly spell out the responsibilities and obligations for every market player be it the manufacturer or importer. Simplification will come in the form of reduced administrative overhead such as suppression of notification requirements of certain products. The proposal also introduces some new requirements such as control of Software, and Interoperability with accessories, and networks.

The new R&TTE directive is also to be aligned with the New Legislative Framework (NLF). The NLF negotiations were conducted at the Member States level, and without consideration for specific Directives. As a result many of the New Approach Directives have become misaligned with the NLF. In late 2011 a package of 9 other recast draft directives, “aligned” with the NLF have been submitted to the EU Council and Parliament.

· Low Voltage Directive 
· EMC Directive
· ATEX Directive
· Lifts Directive
· Simple Pressure Vessels Directive
· Measuring Instruments Directive
· Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Directive
· Civil Explosives Directive
· Pyrotechnic Articles Directive
Draft RE directive

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