Friday, March 23, 2012

Opportunity for innovative cordless broadband use - FCC modifies Part 15

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In a report and order released today, the FCC is amending part 15 subpart D covering Unlicensed Personal Communications Service devices (UPCS band). The introduction of the R&O is as follows;

By this action, we modify Part 15 of the rules governing the operation of Unlicensed Personal Communications Service (UPCS) devices in the 1920-1930 MHz frequency band (UPCS band) to promote more efficient use of the UPCS band and to facilitate the introduction of a new generation of unlicensed devices capable of supporting broadband connectivity using Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology. Specifically, we eliminate the least-interfered channel monitoring threshold for UPCS devices and reduce the number of duplex system access channels that a UPCS device must define and monitor from 40 to 20 channels in order to use the least-interfered channel access method.  These changes will provide UPCS devices, particularly those designed to transmit with wider bandwidths, access to more usable channels (i.e., combined time and spectrum windows) than are permitted under the existing rules and unleash innovative cordless broadband technologies in the UPCS band, while limiting the potential for causing interference to other devices.  We also modify the rules to remove outdated provisions and to make other minor updates.


ET Docket No. 10-97

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