Friday, March 30, 2012

FCC updates answer for exempt appliances

하상림 작가의 꽃 디자인이 적용된 냉장고와 김희애
하상림 작가의 꽃 디자인이 적용된 냉장고와 김희애 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Under Title 47, Part 15.103,  digital devices used exclusively in an appliance are exempt from the specific technical standards and other requirements of part 15. Seems simple enough, if it’s an appliance, then it’s exempt from FCC testing. So a vacuum cleaner is exempt from FCC testing, correct? How about an electric blanket? A hair dryer? A clothes iron? A juice extractor? of the previously mentioned 5 devices, 3 of them are exempt, but 2 are not, can you guess which ones are not exempt?

Did you guess correctly? This is where the old adage “the devil is in the details” comes to play. As is the case with much of the FCC rules, they are simply written, but often difficult to interpret. Thankfully the Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) has a Knowledge Base (KDB) system at, where one could go and research common questions or ask a question if needed.

One such KDB, answers the question “What household appliances, identified as Part 15 unintentional radiators, are considered exempt from the equipment authorization procedures?”.
On March 29th 2012 the answer was updated by adding to the list of Non-Exempt Devices; Power Tools, Cordless Multi-Tools and Battery Operated Tools . That is to say, those items are not considered appliances with respect to the 15.103 exemption and are subject to FCC testing.
Publication Number 772105 (3/29/2012) (new)
Publication Number 772105 (11/19/2009) (old)

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