Monday, February 20, 2012

FCC Calling for Volunteers with Expansion of Nationwide Broadband Tests

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The FCC is back for a second round of volunteers, this time for the “2012 Measuring Broadband America” process. The FCC plans to issue two “Measuring Broadband Reports” for 2012. This time the FCC will be expanding the study group into new regions of the country, and include more technologies within the study. The first round begins in March 2012.

The first study examined offerings from 13 wire line broadband providers with the help of thousands of volunteers during March of 2011. The report, and other information, can be found at

The FCC is requesting volunteers. Volunteers that sign up, will receive a free wireless router from SamKnows, an FCC contractor. The router will be pre-programed to measure broadband speeds to the home. For more information on how to volunteer,  visit

see the FCC Public Notice at

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