Friday, July 10, 2009

VCCI - Advanced notice of enforcement of new limits for conformity verification reporting.



Dear VCCI members -

This is to remind you that the following previous notice given in V-3/2009.04 Technical Requirements will actually be enforced as stated.

“Enforcement of limits of conducted disturbance at the telecommunication ports is from 1st April 2010, and enforcement of EMI measurement above 1GHz is from 1st October 2010.”

Let us elaborate on this statement as follows to avoid any misunderstanding on your part. Note that “telecommunication ports” and “above 1GHz” are referred to as “category” in the explanation.

What is meant by this statement is that you are required to measure your ITE against the given limit for conformity verification report to be filed to VCCI on and after, not before, the given date per category. Also the limit will be inapplicable to products already filed to VCCI and distributed in the market before the enforcement date per category.

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