Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FCC Proposing significant changes

The Federal Communications Commission has release a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes several broad changes to the Commission’s rules governing the authorization of radiofrequency equipment.

The common theme throughout the recent proposed changes is an effort to update the current rules in light of the state-of-the art surrounding current trends in the development and use of radiofrequency equipment today, and, going forward into the future.

The 89 page proposal outlines several changes as follows;

  •  Combine two separate product approval programs – Declaration of Conformity and verification into one product self-approval program
  • Codify and clarify the provisions for certification of modular transmitters – including those in products used for our licensed radio services – and for radios where the RF parameters are controlled by software;
  • Clarify responsibilities for compliance when a final product may be comprised of one or more certified modular transmitters;
  • Codify existing practices that protect the confidentiality of market-sensitive information;
  •  Codify and expand existing guidance for electronic labeling;
  •  Eliminate unnecessary or duplicative rules and consolidate rules from various specific rule parts into the equipment authorization rules in Part 2; and
  • Discontinue the requirement that importers file FCC Form 740 with Customs and Border Protection for RF devices that are imported into the United States.

As of this posting date the proposal is open to comment. For more information or to submit your comments, visit


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