Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Many new FCC draft publications released this week

Preceding the spring TCB training session this week, the FCC released a number of draft publications that will have an impact on a wide range of product. Links to the drafts can be found at

941225 D07 UMPC Mini Tablet Devices v01r01 DR09-41372
941225 D06 Hot Spot SAR v01r01 DR08-41372
941225 D05 SAR for LTE Devices v02r02 DR07-41372
941225 D02 Guidance for 3GPP R6 and R7 HSPA v02r02 DR06-41372
935210 D02 Signal Boosters Certification v01 DR02-41372
935210 D01 Signal Booster Definitions v01 DR01-41372
971168 D01 Power Meas License Digital Systems v02 DR02-41372
680106 D01 RF Exposure Wireless Charging Apps v02 DR02-41372
865664 D02 SAR Reporting v01r01 DR05-41372
865664 D01 SAR measurement 3 to 6 GHz v01r01 DR04-41372
662911 D01 Appendix I of D01 Multiple Transmitter Output v01 DR03-41372
662911 D01 Multiple Transmitter Output v02 DR02-41372
648474 D03 Handset Wireless Battery Chargers v01r02 DR03-41372
648474 D04 SAR Handsets Multi Xmiter and Ant v01r01 DR04-41372
616217 SAR for laptop and tablets DR03-41368
447498 D01 General RF Exposure Guidance DR03-41369
200443 D02 Millimeter Wave Testing DR01-41369

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