Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The last word on Power Line telecom (PLT) in the EU, EN 55022:2006 applies in full, maybe….


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Power Line communication devices continue to be a controversial subject, with respect to the Electromagnetic Compatibility of such devices. We have been following this subject for both the United States, and for Europe. The latest round comes from across the pond with the rejection (negative vote) of the European Norm targeted to cover the testing of these devices, prEN 50561-1:201X. For background on this topic, see my past article “An update on PLT, Power Line Telecommunications, in Europe”.

Due to the negative vote on prEN 50561-1:201X, and a lack of a specific standard covering the emissions testing for PLT devices, EN 55022:2006 applies in full for these devices as of October 1st. It should be noted that many newer high speed advanced PLT devices cannot pass the requirements of EN 55022:2006 at this time.

This conclusion will be confirmed by a note published in the Official Journal reference to harmonized standards under the EMC directive.

CENELEC may offer a second vote, indicating that the choice is between EN 50561-1 and EN 55022. If this vote fails, no further option exists.

What does this mean for product on the market? Are recalls required for non compliant devices? What about new product placed on the market? The Commission is expected to accept a reasonable Date of Withdrawal (DoW) as proposed by working group 11, and until that date, manufacturers should still be able to continue placing product on the market using the Declaration of Conformity and Notified Body TCF path. The EU market authorities are “encouraged” to accept this.

The group of European Notified Bodies are meeting to discuss, and will consider the Technical Guidance Note (TGN) on the matter, after the meeting. Is this the end of the debate? Time will only tell, and we’ll continue to post when we learn more.


Leon B. said...

This is more than an interesting subject. I think there is some missing piece to this puzzle though. This technology is revolutionary and I am almost sure there is a way to use the powerline network without much interference from radio energy generated by the unshielded and non-twisted wires.

I would love to see the statistics of a long range test and see how it performs.

vilcot44 said...

"there is a way to use the powerline network without much interference from radio energy generated by the unshielded and non-twisted wires." - yeah but it's going to be costly.

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Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

UPDATE: The draft prEN50561-1 is going to vote soon, and the Radio Society of Great Britain has posted information and a position paper on their web page at; update

Take a look to see their concerns.

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