Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hearing aid compatibility for wireless handsets

Hearing aid, photo taken in Sweden

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FCC publishes Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking covering wireless hearing aid compatibility rules for handsets. Interested parties may file comments and reply comments on or before December 1st and December 16th respectively.

FCC seeks comments on conclusion to adopt the new 2011 ANSI standard into the Commission’s rules as applicable technical standard for evaluating hearing aid compatibility of wireless phones. The proposal is to adopt the new standard as “permissible” rather than mandatory, with the intent to ease burdens on manufacturers.

Within the discussion of the proposed rulemaking document, the FCC “tentatively concludes that the adoption of the new technical standard would not raise any major compliance issues or impose materially greater obligations with respect to newly covered frequency bands and air interfaces than those already imposed under Commission rules”.

Under the proposed rules, a manufacturer will be permitted to submit for certification using either the 2007 version, or the 2011 version of the ANSI standard.


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Josh said...

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